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Dry Stone Walls and Natural Stone Works

The EdilMuri has an experience of over 20 years in the construction and workmanship of dry stone walls and rough stone in southeastern Sicily (Modica, Ragusa, Scicli, Noto, Siracusa) and Malta Island. 

We are among the best craftsmen in eastern Sicily regarding the recovery, restoration and installation of dry stone walls, as well other construction in rough stone: stone flooring, stone pillars for gates, stone benches, natural stone tables, stone sinks and stairs.


Originally shapeless heaps of stones, the stone walls have become symbols of the countryside of eastern Sicily and beyond.
Following the old rules handed down to us from the “masters of dry stone wall” we design and build dry stone walls made of rough stone without the use of mortar and plaster for villas and cottages, farms, tourist facilities (Hotels, B&Bs and Rental Apartments) and agricultural territories. Most of the rough stones that we use derive from huge blocks of local rock.

The end result (click here to view pictures of some of our works) is a unique handcrafted work of authenticity and natural beauty. 

Each stone is different (distinguished by color, shape and composition), so each construction will be original in appearance and unique

Experts in the Construction of Dry Walls and Natural Stone Works

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Dry Stone Stairway Construction in Sicily and Malta
Dry Stone Walls in Sicily and Malta

Not only Dry Stone Walls, we offer other Building Services

Although we specialize in the construction of dry stone walls and rough stone, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on other services we provide:

Excavation works

Excavations works and excavations in general, with any related works in masonry and / or reinforced concrete, demolition of earthworks.

Paving and Road Construction

Road construction and paving works, airport embankments, flooring with special materials, road signs and road safety.

Ordinary Maintenance

Ordinary, extraordinary maintenance, conservative restoration and consolidation of reinforced concrete works in public, civil and / or industrial buildings

Civil Building Construction

Construction of civil, craft and industrial buildings, complete with plants and all related works

Restoration of buildings

Restoration of monumental buildings and archaeological excavations.

Agriculture arrangement

Works of agricultural, forestry and public green.

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The drafting of a quote for the construction of dry walls, and masonry in general, is not a simple thing. It is necessary to carry out the evaluation of expenditure accurately, taking into account as much information and details as possible.

Therefore, please fill in the request as accurately as possible.