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25 Years of Experience in the Construction of Dry Stone Walls

Born in Modica in the province of Ragusa, Giorgio and Giovanni Giunta later grew up in Frigintini, the heart of the countryside of south-eastern Sicily characterized by intricate and infinite lattices of dry stone walls. Both have over twenty years of experience in the construction of dry stone walls and in rough stone.
The construction of dry stone walls and rough stone requires knowledge handed down from father to son, from “master of dry stone wall” to apprentice. It is an art that requires one who understands the techniques of the trade in order to offer professional, reliable, and lasting work.
One important factor is our ability to combine the ancient methods and techniques of dry stone wall construction to meet the modern day requirements of comfort and functionality. We are therefore able to integrate all the essentials necessary for the installation of electrical systems, water and sewer as well as heating and air conditioning.
Immediately after the war, there were more than a hundred “masters of dry stone wall” across the territory of Ragusa. Today there are no more than ten remaining, making it difficult to find one and the few remaining cover the entire territory to construct and repair these walls.

Experts in the Construciont of Dry Stone Walls and Natural Stone Works

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Stone Walls

Swimming Pool in Natural Stone
Construction of Raw Stone Pools
Construction of Dry Stone Walls in Sicily and Malta
Construction of Retaining Walls In and out of Water

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